Friday, February 7, 2014

Bikini Balut

After strolling around the tourist district and visiting famous A. Santos Street I decided to enter a club called Camelot or something sounding like that. The interiour looked like a rich kid's playroom who was keen on nights and dungeon. Where was Robin Hood?

Employee eating Balut, a Filipino snack.
Well, there was one female Robin Hood who asked me for money. She was hungry and wanted to eat with her friend. I gave her a new 100 Piso bill and the security guy came back with 3 eggs. Those are boiled duck eggs with an unborn fetus inside. While it makes Western people shiver, Filipinos love their national dessert and believe it is the most delicious thing after Halo Halo, another snack similar to an iced shake. Afterwards they begged for more drinks and tips. This was very annoying and I went back to A. Santos Street. Read here more about .

Monday, January 6, 2014

Ugly Beggar

Trike Patrol beggar
Looking for directions? Golden Nile doorgirl begs for food and transport money.